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Successful Pool, Spa, Domestic Water Heating and Condensation Control

Remuera Gardens retirement village planned to upgrade their outdoor pool with a new indoor pool complex. A design for a traditional air-to-air heat exchange system and a single overhead duct down the centre of the pool had been prepared. Poor design can lead to stagnant areas of air resulting in trapped moisture, which could lead to poor health and future building damage. The owners were looking for economic solutions to lower both the capital and operating costs. Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd (HWHP) was contracted to supply an integrated system to heat the pool and spa plus ventilation and condensation control for the indoor pool hall.

HWHP's solution was based on using a Duoheat Heat Pump as the heat source for pool water heating and a Vent-Air Supply Air Handler.

Years of experience, commissioning more than 90 indoor pools for different applications helped HWHP put a budget price together and provide estimated running costs for the system.

  • If the facility is paying $0.25/kWh of electricity, the running cost of the heat pump would be $1.75/h and the air handling units are going to be $0.28/h
  • Summer equipment running time is estimated at 4-5 hours in a 24 hour cycle
  • Spring and Autumn equipment running time is estimated at 8-10 hours in a 24 hour cycle
  • Winter heat pump running time is estimated at 10-15 hours in a 24 hour cycle

At a meeting with BDG Architects, HWHP supplied further details to demonstrate the benefits of their approach to the owners and decide the best air delivery option.

The underground ductwork was the most expensive option but would produce the best outcome both aesthetically and practically for an indoor pool with high windows and skylight ceiling design. The design was effective at controlling condensation because heat naturally rises.

HWHP also offered an energy-efficient solution based on a Performance Plus Duoheat heat pump, to heat the spa pool and also to provide the domestic hot water heating for the upgraded wing using two Thermoheat cylinders.

The Duoheat heating system, Vent Air equipment and inground air delivery system was successfully installed and commissioned on time by the HWHP team in May 2018, delivering on the promises made at the initial design stage:

  • Control humidity in the indoor pool hall and providing a thermally comfortable environment for users.
  • An energy-efficient solution 
  • Lower initial investment.
  • Vent-Air heat recovery system to keep running costs lower than traditional heat and ventilation solutions. 
  • Reduced condensation formation because all windows and walls are kept above the dew point.
  • Aesthetically pleasing underground air delivery system to evenly distribute heated fresh air. 
  • Equipment engineered and built in New Zealand. 
  • Reliable after sales service and maintenance.
  • Onsite training for equipment use. 
  • Lowered service and maintenance costs 
  • Prolonging the life expectancy of the building.
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