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Vent Air System

Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are the ideal solution for indoor swimming pools, keeping condensation and moisture under control at all times. Indoor swimming pool enclosures must be ventilated, either by natural means (in the case of smaller residential pools where a cover is used and the climate is mild), or by mechanical means (in the case of large residential and commercial pools). Ventilation is necessary to control temperature, humidity and overall indoor moisture, creating a pleasant environment for all pool users and protecting the building from moisture damage.

Engineered and built in New Zealand, Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation and heat recovery systems are ideal for use in new and existing indoor residential, commercial and public swimming pools, with surface areas as small as 10m all the way to large commercial pools.

Key Features
  • Maintain a consistent air temperature
  • Minimise condensation
  • Reduce moisture damage to the building envelope
  • Control humidity levels
  • Stops concentration of contaminants in the pool enclosure
  • Removes odours
  • Creating a pleasant environment for pool users
NZ-Owned Business
NZ-Owned Business
Scope of Use

The Vent-Air system heats fresh air coming in to the enclosure. The warm air expands and reduces the moisture content in the enclosure. Each Vent-Air indoor pool ventilation system is custom designed to provide the right amount of fresh, heated air to effectively control the indoor pool moisture. It does this at a fraction of energy consumption in comparison with other products available.

Each Vent-Air System features Air Handling Units that supply fresh heated air into the enclosure using either infloor ventilation or overhead ducts to evenly distribute the freshly heated air. The same amount of stale humid indoor air is exhausted at the same time by the Return Fan Coil Air Handling Units. This minimises condensation, controls the humidity level, reduces odours and creates a pleasant environment for pool users by continuously replacing stale and humid indoor air with fresh heated outdoor air.

Additional Information

Products include hot water heat pump solutions for hot water systems, swimming pool and spa heating and indoor pool ventilation.

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