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Solatube's Daylight Calculator Delivers Reliable Daylight Calculations

As a leader in tubular daylighting solutions for New Zealand residential, commercial and industrial projects, Hometech has a comprehensive suite of tools for architects and design professionals, including CAD drawings (.dwg and PDF), BIM models, specification guides, and now daylight design calculations.

Take the guesswork out of daylighting with Solatube devices and utilise Hometech's free daylight calculation service. This proprietary software creates light studies to determine layout and spacing of Solatube Daylighting Systems, in order to achieve desired light levels in a specified area in nearly any geographic location on any specified date. Photometry is provided for all Solatube product configurations, as well as single point in time and annualised calculations. This can be utilised to prove lux and lumen levels to assist in compliance with G7 Natural Light, as well as meeting recommendations for specific tasks and interior lighting under AS/NZS 1680.2. The calculation takes into account length and angles in the tube. Specified device counts and options for verifying LEED daylighting requirements are also available, as well as IES files relating to the specific design.

The traditional daylight factor day for daylight calculations is 21st of September at 12pm with cloud cover — a design day that provides for sufficient lux as a year round compliant fenestration. However, any time or day can be incorporated into the design, across all the main regions in New Zealand.

The calculation software is operated by Solatube distributors and design professionals on a project by project basis, taking into account room dimensions, room elevations, the roof space height and any angles that will likely be required in the tube, along with location and orientation. The design can be based on lux level required, or specific device counts. Plans including elevations are preferred. Once complete, the software calculations are shared with the architect.

For further information on this daylight calculation service, please contact Hometech Solatube or visit the Solatube Design Calculator website.

Hometech Solatube has successfully supported RFI responses to territorial Building Consent authorities across New Zealand with its project specific calculations.

View more information on Solatube, including contact details.
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