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Integrated Skylight and Ventilation System Enhances Bathroom Design and Function

Bathrooms provide one of the most important functions of any home or commercial space, but are often not given high priority for windows to provide natural light and airflow — a common challenge found in apartments and townhouses. The Solatube skylight with a ventilation add-on kit and light add-on kit is a great way to enhance the experience of any bathroom, but especially internal bathrooms that would otherwise never see the light of day.

In townhouses and apartments, bathrooms are often hidden under stairs or under the apartment above. Hometech and Solatube’s integrated tubular skylight and ventilation system means you can bring natural light to those more challenging spaces. Through carefully considered designs and a tailored riser or mid-floor space, the ventilation and daylight ducts can be installed to ground floor or lower-level apartment spaces through vertical or horizontal pathways.

The ventilation add-on kit provides extraction of 42l/s — well above what is required in bathrooms by New Zealand Building Code section G4. The system has a sleek design with a compact ceiling fixture while the low noise remotely mounted fan, with a decibel rating of <45dB at 0.5m, ensures the bathroom is a peaceful place.

Solatube tubular skylights use the world’s most reflective material with a 99.7% spectral reflectivity. The optical dome is designed to maximise the amount of daylight captured at low angles and minimise the harshness of mid-day sun, resulting in more balanced annual daylight.

Solatube skylight and ventilation systems are BRANZ appraised. Thanks to proprietary roof flashings and a strong nationwide network of certified licensees, all installation come with a 10-year leakproof guarantee and 10-year warranty on both workmanship and materials.

A Solatube with ventilation add-on kit results in a beautiful, naturally illuminated bathroom with optimal ventilation. The addition of the light add-on kit is perfect for when the sun goes down without needing to add more clutter with light fixtures.

Key benefits:

  • Energy saving by illuminating with natural light and solar-powered add-on light kit
  • Ventilation extraction of 42l/s
  • Low noise remotely mounted fan with decibel rating of <45dB at 0.5m
  • Sleek design for less clutter
  • BRANZ appraised; 10-year leakproof guarantee

Webinar — Daylight 101: Daylighting our Homes by Solatube.
Bringing light to life in residential applications; including stand alone, duplex, townhouse and medium density.
Tuesday, 28 March 2023, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm NZDT
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