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Hideaway Bins are Now Global GreenTag Certified

Achieving GreenTag certification is an important milestone not only for Hideaway Bins as a business, but also for Hideaway customers — a mark of credibility and responsibility, showcasing Hideaway's commitment to sustainability. Hideaway Bins are committed to not only being a responsible manufacturer, but also to being passionate advocates for sustainability, helping customers reduce waste and increase recycling at home and in the office.

What is Global GreenTag?

Global GreenTag is an independent, third-party assessment, certification and eco-labelling body that complies under strict International Standards to evaluate products for their ethical, health and environmental attributes. The organisation provides certified product information to help consumers, architects and builders discern between product claims when looking for products with reduced environmental impact, so they can make informed choices.

Having a Global GreenTag certification means that you can be sure that any claims about environmental impact and sustainability by a brand are legitimate, and that the product has been rated on multiple aspects of environmental responsibility.

What is GreenRate?

One of the primary advantages of GreenRate certification lies in its comprehensive approach. It evaluates products holistically, considering factors like material sourcing, manufacturing processes, durability, and end-of-life disposal. This multi-faceted assessment ensures that certified products meet stringent environmental standards throughout their lifecycle.

Furthermore, the GreenRate certification isn't just about environmental impact; it also prioritises human health and social responsibility. By scrutinising details such as indoor air quality, chemical emissions, and the potential health hazards of materials used, it ensures that the certified products contribute positively to the spaces they inhabit and the people using them. It also includes other criteria like local sourcing, ethical labour and supply chain sourcing.

Where is GreenRate recognised?

Both the Green Building Council of Australia and New Zealand recognise Global GreenTag as an important arbiter in verifying sustainable products. The GreenRate program was built specifically to work within the Green Star rating tools in New Zealand and Australia.

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Hideaway Bins are Now Global GreenTag Certified
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