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October 2014

Heavy Duty, Exceptional Strength Translucent Roofing

The Topglass GC Ultra-Safe series sheeting is manufactured to AS 4256:3 2006 and recent tests show that it also meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4040.4 and AS/NZS 4256: 3 clause 11.3, thus eliminating the need for safety mesh to be installed under the sheeting.

To comply with AS1562.3 2006 Part 3 plastic, translucent roofing products are classified as brittle roofing and therefore are unable to support foot traffic and safety mesh should be installed under the sheeting – with the exception of Topglass GC Ultra-Safe. 

The fact that safety mesh does not need to be installed under the sheeting is of particular benefit to designers who may experience issues with corrosive environments damaging the safety mesh zinc coating.

As the woven roving reinforcement runs both laterally and longitudinally within the laminate, Topglass GC Ultra-Safe and Topclad GC Ultra-Safe series sheeting demonstrates exceptional high impact characteristics. The Topclad GC Ultra-Safe series is a solid-coloured heavy duty corrosion resistant roofing and cladding system for use in highly corrosive industrial sites and areas of high salt contamination.

A 130μm Exo-set 206 Gelcoat UV weathering system is applied to the sheeting surface, thus ensuring prolonged life expectancy against weather surface degradation. The sheeting is supported with a 20-year weather surface structured warranty.

Whilst Topglass GC Ultra-Safe and Topclad GC Ultra-Safe are classified as heavy duty, long-term degradation and or post-roof installation impact damage can seriously affect the performance of the sheeting.

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