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Gerard Roofs Provide Solutions for Reducing Construction Waste

Building and construction waste is an emerging issue for the community and environment that is adding pressure to local city councils. According to Auckland Council stats, it is estimated up to 600,000 tonnes of building and demolition waste is going to landfill each year. Construction and industrial waste make up about 85% of Auckland waste sent to landfill. With the government’s KiwiBuild plan, there will be even more construction waste going to the dump over the next 10 years. Action is required and industry leaders are calling for solutions for reducing waste.

As a global business, Gerard Roofs understand the value of sustainability. Gerard Roofs are determined to play its part in doing what’s right for New Zealand and the world. They take responsibility for their actions — environmentally, socially and ethically. This means running the business in a sustainable way through nurturing people, managing waste and protecting the natural environment.


A metal roof requires less timber framing and less fuel in transportation compared to a heavyweight roof. Pressed metal tiles are more environmentally friendly and provide a low carbon footprint.

These benefits have a huge impact on the overall sustainability of roofing material in the building industry.


Steel is one of the most infinitely recycled materials in the world and is considered a sustainable material by the building industry. The main material of Metrotile’s product is steel. This offers a sustainable option for roofing. In Metrotile's factory, most production waste ends up in the recycle bin for re-use.

Minimise off-cuts on site

Gerard's installers are business partners who specialise in metal tile roof installation. As such, the off-cuts from the job site are collected by Gerard's installers and taken to the metal recycling bin. The installers are licensed building practitioners (LBPs), who have been trained and assessed to be competent to deliver exceptional craftsmanship to ensure the roof's weathertightness. As part of the Gerard Roofs market offer, their focus on values goes hand in hand with their craftsmanship.

Gerard Roofs practice what they preach, and when it comes to reducing waste, the business manages the process from their manufacturing plant right through the value chain to the completed roof on each home.

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