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Fireplace Vents Simple and Unobtrusive

One of the most important aspects to consider for any architect or designer when specifying a fireplace is total air flow requirements for combustion and cooling, as well as circulation of air in the room where the fire is located. With this comes the specifying of vent openings. The vast majority of vents available are mainly too large, unsightly and never seem to fit in with the design or decor of the room.

Some architects and designers come up with very clever ideas to make the air vents discreet or look hidden, but this usually means altering the original design specifications. The Fireplace have been listening to what their clients have been saying and have now designed their very own range of Slimline Pop-In Vents.

The Slimline Pop-In Vents have been designed to allow maximum air volume through, while remaining as discreet as possible. Only 1.2mm thick, the vents do not protrude obtrusively as they have one single aperture and are available in natural stainless steel or powder coated Manex Black. The added beauty to the Slimline is that users don't have to use one vent, they can mix and match the sizes as long as the specified air requirements are met.

The vent is extremely easy to install: cut the required aperture size in the wall, push the two locating tabs out on the Pop-In vent, apply some building glue then push into place.

The Fireplace can design and supply custom Slimline Pop-In Vents to suit any specific volume of air that is required for any fireplace installations.

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