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Fire Ratings for Dulux Products

In April 2012 new requirements were introduced to Building Code C3 related to the ‘spread of fire’, designed to reduce risk to New Zealanders when they are evacuating a building during a fire.  Materials are classed into ‘group numbers’ and these indicate the speed from which a fire spreads from a small fire to a big fire, called a ‘flashover’.

Dulux conducts testing in a laboratory simulation that calculates the time to 'flashover' and consequently develops ratings for its products.  Test results include the substrate as it is a key part of the system.

The material groups are especially important for areas such as exitways and sleeping quarters of rest homes, for example. By using this information the local authorities can be sure that exit ways will be as safe as possible in the event of a fire and not impede the escape of occupants from the building.  It is also important to note that not all areas require the same results – rooms and functional spaces have different requirements depending on their use and purpose. 

Fire ratings and test results for Dulux products are easily obtained from commercial reps or by calling 0800 800 424.  Commercial reps can arrange for testing to be carried out in cases where no results are available.

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