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Energy-Efficient Escea DL1100 Fireplace Suits Open-Plan Spaces

While looking similar to the IB Series fireplaces, the DL Series have been redesigned from the base up and outperform the older Escea IB Series models in all areas. They are more efficient, have a higher heat output and are quieter. The DL1100 has a maximum heat output of 10.4 kW and has a very flexible turn-down range.

The DL Series offers Escea’s latest Smart Heat controller, which allows remote operation of the fire by smartphone app and even long-distance control of the fireplace via the internet. On cold nights this allows the owner to turn the fireplace on as they begin the drive home, so the house is warm and inviting on arrival. This feature also contributes to the overall household efficiency, as the fireplace can be used only when needed.

The Smart Heat system constantly monitors the temperature in the room and makes adjustments to the fireplace to ensure the room is kept at the exact temperature requested. It will automatically adjust the heat output and ramp the room-air fan up and down through a range of speeds so the fan is never running too fast or too slow. This adds to the fireplace's energy efficient and quiet operation.

The Escea Smart Heat controller, which is standard for the DL and DX Series fireplaces, is compatible with most home-management systems.

The Powered Direct Vent on the DL Series fireplace offers several advantages over a standard flue. It can be run either vertically or horizontally, and can be terminated on an outside wall. The fireplace is not affected by extractor fans or airtight rooms and therefore it is not necessary to provide make-up air. This simplifies installation, makes the fireplace more efficient and removes most environmental issues that can affect naturally drafted fireplaces. The DL1100 flue can even run under the floor to create an island in the middle of your room.

The DL1100 accepts a wide range of Escea fascias and fuel beds, allowing a perfect match with any room décor.

The Escea DL1100 offers extremely high efficiency and is already featured on the New Zealand Energywise list and the Sustainablilty Victoria register.

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