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July 2011

Ecopod: the Versatile Kitset Home

Ecopod kitset buildings are designed to be assembled on site. Construction is all steel using  New Zealand Steel’s AXXIS steel for framing, and COLORSTEEL pre-painted steel for wall cladding and roofing.

No foundations are required as Ecopod sits anchored on 28 steel legs, adjustable to the topography of the ground to a maximum 20-degree slope and can be positioned up to a metre above ground.

With a floor area of 96m², plus 24m² of deck area, the standard home layout of three double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 53m² of open-plan kitchen, dining and living can be configured to suit.

The completed building is transportable and relocatable – and John White, Ecopod founder and designer, sees its potential as an ideal replacement home, classroom or office for areas like earthquake-damaged Christchurch. “We can send these kitset buildings all over the country. All the parts, from screws and bolts to the pre-cut steel components fit into a 20-foot container! The steel structure just bolts together.”

John engineered the Ecopod to be virtually indestructible by force or willful damage, ensuring it qualifies for a high earthquake rating.

The design also reflects New Zealand's building past: “Corrugated iron was first used for housing as early as 1850. As a material it’s full of character and colours from old rusty reds to modern New Zealand Steel COLORSTEEL choices. It is now a top fashion product – and more importantly it is New Zealand-made."

“Ecopod demands little maintenance since COLORSTEEL Endura is pre-painted and the ZINCALUME steel interior wall cladding is fresh, airy and easy to clean – as well as being an effective sound muffler.”

John adds: “Many tin sheds and farm buildings are still around today and are still loved. Our Ecopod taps into that nostalgia, while taking a future-forward approach to materials.”

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