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Acoustic Performance at No Extra Cost

ecoinsulation glasswool made with ECOSE Technology is a range of high-performance glasswool insulation products with both thermal and acoustic properties.

Thanks to the combined thermal and acoustic performance that ecoinsulation glasswool provides in buildings, specifiers and builders only need to purchase one product to provide thermal comfort and sound absorption.

Acoustic insulation is a simple and effective way to control sound transfer between rooms and multi-level homes and the expense is low when building a new home. To secure a long-term solution for a peaceful and comfortable home, installing acoustic insulation in internal and external walls should be considered.

Installing acoustic insulation into both internal and external walls will help control internal noise transfer between rooms such as media rooms, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms along with external noise from traffic, lawnmowers and aeroplanes etc, as well adding to the thermal performance; increasing comfort and energy efficiency of the home.

See the difference ecoinsulation glasswool insulation wall R2.6 can make to the acoustic performance of internal walls below.

Marshall Day Acoustics has reviewed our range of products manufactured with ECOSE Technology and have included them in their acoustic software to create independent acoustic test reports.

ecoinsulation glasswool insulation has been designed for NZ conditions and is a high quality, high-performance glasswool insulation. The insulation comes with CodeMark certification and BRANZ Appraisals and offers the following benefits:

  • High thermal performance
  • High acoustic performance
  • Eurofins Indoor Air Quality Gold Standard
  • Contains no added formaldehyde
  • Non-combustible
  • 50-year warranty
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