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New Dulux Weathershield +Plus Winterlock Designed for Cool Conditions

Winter is a notoriously tough time for exterior painting. Shorter days and cooler temperatures mean hours are often reduced to the middle of the day when it is warmest and to allow enough time for the paint to dry. Paint when the surface is too cold, and permanently risk the durability of the coating. It can be a gloomy picture — jobs take longer to complete; the costs rise and the number of jobs that applicators can take on reduces.

This winter, specifiers and applicators can extend the painting season and get more done in a day with the latest addition to the Dulux Weathershield exterior range. 

New Dulux Weathershield +Plus Winterlock is optimised for application in cooler, dry conditions. The ColdCure Formula means it cures in temperatures down to 2°C, and dries faster^. For instance, on a day when the temperature is around 10°C and there is 50% humidity, a touch dry finish can be expected in 1 hour and a recoat time of 4 hours. It provides excellent exterior durability, coupled with MaxiFlex Stretch technology for long life protection of the home against all New Zealand weather conditions. Weathershield +Plus Winterlock is self-priming on timber, bricks, concrete, fibre cement board, masonry and suitably prepared Zincalume and galvanised iron, with Vivid White base 10L available in Low Sheen, Semi Gloss and Gloss — ideal for keeping painting projects progressing during winter. And because it’s Weathershield, the new formula performance is guaranteed not to peel, flake or blister for as long as the customer lives in their home. That’s the Dulux Promise.

Why Weathershield +Plus Winterlock? In cooler conditions, standard paints can have difficulty curing and will dry at a slower rate. If paint doesn’t cure, the paint forms less of an interlocking film, which degrades its durability and adhesion; its lifetime is shortened. The slower drying in cooler conditions also poses problems for the painter; it delays being able to paint another coat and has more opportunity for the paint to be damaged as it dries. Paint viscosity also varies with temperature. Dulux Weathershield +Plus Winterlock is specially formulated for use between 2-10°C, with excellent flow, smoothness and coverage. In addition to the application benefits, it contains the same Dulux MaxiFlex Stretch technology as standard Weathershield, to create a tough, flexible and durable film. This is important as substrates underneath contract and expand with the changing weather — Dulux Weathershield +Plus Winterlock will last for years to come.

As the conditions change, the product can too - Weathershield +Plus Winterlock is compatible in both colour range (Vivid White Base) and sheen level with standard Weathershield, so both products may be used on the same project (we recommend finishing at an architectural break before changing between products). Plan jobs throughout the season now and paint with confidence, knowing it can get done with Dulux.

^versus standard Weathershield when used in the same cooler temperatures.
®Dulux, Worth doing, worth Dulux, Weathershield and Weathershield +Plus Winterlock are registered trademarks of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd. Maxiflex and ColdCure are trademarks of DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd. ®Zincalume is a registered trade mark of Bluescope Steel Limited.

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