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Interior Paint Solutions Designed to Meet the Rigorous Demands of Healthcare Projects

Covid-19 has put new demands on property owners and care facility managers, demanding an increased focus on cleaning regimes. The result is stronger medical grade cleaning products being used on surfaces more frequently. It’s now time to consider what this increase in cleaning is doing to these surfaces, can these paint choices stand up to this increased requirement to clean? And what coatings should be specified that are fit for purpose?

Dulux partners with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers to deliver construction, refurbishment and upgrade projects. Their extensive sector expertise (over 80 years) allows them to specify hard-wearing, fit-for-purpose solutions that support healthcare providers today and into the future.

The Dulux Professional SteriGuard range, with high chemical and scrub resistance, works to keep walls looking clean and fresh for longer compared to standard water-based products. These coatings include technology to protect against mould and mildew, keep surfaces clean and maintain good indoor air quality. Dulux Professional SteriGuard importantly has antibacterial properties, supporting healthcare facilities to keep surfaces as sterile as possible while providing hard-wearing protection. The durability of the product, plus the low odour formula ensures minimal downtime and service disruption, reducing costs for the facility. Dulux Professional SteriGuard has been in the market for years, it is a trusted solution that can stand up to today’s increased cleaning requirements.

Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Anti-Bac Low Sheen is a washable paint range developed to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould and reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. Containing 101 Barrier Technology, it creates a hard-wearing finish that allows for most marks, scuffs and stains to be wiped away with a wet cloth. When walls and floors are subject to high foot traffic and frequent knocks, as they are in a healthcare facility, Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Anti-Bac Low Sheen is a washable solution that is easy to maintain, and minimises the need for regular repainting or recoating, offering a fit-for-purpose product for high-traffic zones that demand frequent cleaning.

Coatings solutions which have previously existed to service the healthcare industry now, more than ever, are crossing into public zones. It is important, when selecting coatings for any space that requirement to clean is given consideration, the team at Dulux can help.

For support with specification writing and problem-solving for healthcare or public facilities book a consultant meeting by email to [email protected]

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