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Cost-Effective Dristud Wall Wrap Exceeds NZBC Requirements

Affordable housing for families has been an important factor in the recent push in the building sector. There are various reasons given for the housing crisis, however housing families in affordable and healthy homes is the key. Understanding of building science has improved over the years and designers are able to create healthier homes that are affordable by using quality materials in the right applications. Finding the right quality products at affordable prices is another challenge altogether.

The growth in the building industry has flooded the market with too many similar products and builders are left wondering which ones to use. 

When it comes to wall wraps, there are a few on the market at various price ranges and most of them have BRANZ or CodeMark certification. However, that does not necessarily mean the products meet all of the technical properties required by the New Zealand Building Code in every application. For example, some products cannot be direct fixed to all wall claddings and also cannot be used on gable ends. Builders need to be aware of the limitations of use.

DriStud Wall Wrap is a universal wrap which outperforms the requirements of the NZBC at a very competitive price. It is fire retardant, can be used on gable ends, and can be direct fixed with all claddings including non-absorbent materials. DriStud's competitive pricing does not affect quality, so builders can be relaxed using it, knowing that it will perform.

Technical Data: 

Property Test Method Requirements Results
Water Vapour Resistance ATM E96 Procedure B  ≤ 7 MN s/g 0.33 MN s/g
Absorbency AS/NZS 4201: Part 6 ≥ 100 g/m² 157 g/m²
Air Resistance BS ISO 5636-5:2003 ≥ 0.1 MN s/m³ 0.426 MN s/m³
Water Resistance AS/NZS 4201.4:1994 ≥ 20mm water head Pass
Flammability AS 1530.2:1993 ≤ Index 5 Index 1
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 n/a MD: 4.90 KN/m
CD: 2.40 KN/m
Edge Tear Resistance TAPPI T470 n/a MD: 241 N
CD: 120 N
UV Exposure     60 days

TCL Hunt also offers Cool Window Flashing tape. With its modified butyl adhesive and high conformable film barrier, DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape guarantees reliable performance in even severe weather conditions down to -25°C. Unlike other products of its kind, Cool Tape does not require two layers on the sill nor corner moulds. With no primer nor heat gun required, installation time is saved. It is a premium product at a very affordable price. 

Both products have CodeMark certification and meet all the requirements of the NZ Building Code.

View more information on DriSpace, including contact details.
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