Elegant Entrance and Hardware Solutions for Zealong Tea Estate

with dormakaba01 April 2017


Zealong is a premium brand of tea that's grown, processed and packaged from a single source in the pristine air and soils of New Zealand. Nestled among their 48ha domain just outside of Hamilton is what is described as 'the beating heart of the Zealong Tea Estate' — the Vista (Visitors Centre) and Factory. The Vista is a multi-functional building that boasts a luxurious retail shop, two modern function rooms and an exclusive lounge area.

Working with DLA Architects, dormakaba developed a range of hardware and entrance solutions for the Vista. These ranged from the specification and schedule for the moveable walls in the function rooms — spaces that needed plenty of flexibility, through to the detailing of the automatic sliding doors for the main entry and the architectural hardware with a custom black finish.

Dormakaba's approach to the specifications focuses on being a one stop shop — a single solution source covering every aspect of the building's architectural hardware, security and access control needs. This often reduces the need for additional consultants and ensures seamless integration of the hardware, security and access control requirements as well as compliance with relevant building standards and codes. Although most of the components, products and solutions specified are from the dormakaba stable, the dormakaba team can write total specification solutions for partners, no matter the brand or source.

Architect: DLA Architects
Main Contractor: Foster Construction
Distributor: Handles & Brass
Fabricator: Wight Aluminium

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