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November 2011

DORMA Hardware Suitable for Healthcare Environments

The requirement for a robust product that can handle the crashing of a guerny into a door, yet remain “light” enough for infirm patients to open is a bit of a conundrum. Hygiene is a factor too, the hardware needs to withstand the harsh cleaning chemicals that are used to maintain hygienic conditions. Hinges on those heavy double doors need to withstand the crashing of the guerney and the sheer weight of the leaves. Sometimes there’s even a tricky little custom ask that may need modification to meet requirements.

The answer is to specify a product that will last the lifecycle of the structure while being fit for purpose.

The TS 93 Cam Action Door Closer is a fantastic surface mounted door closer that quickly reduces the strength required to open the door. On the closing cycle that strength is returned, right when you need it at the closing moment, to drive the latch home without slamming the door. This is great for patients and staff who may not have the physical strength or ability to handle weighty leaves.

The range of in-track options is handy too. Smoke detector, cushioned limit stays, mechanical hold open and door coordination can all be included. It all helps with design, functionality, performance and easy installation.

Schools and aged care facilities are making more and more use of DORMA’s Cam Action range with functions like the TS99FL with swing free arm. This allows the door to be moved manually with no hydraulic impediment (open and close as if there is no door closer), then on activation of the fire alarm the TS99FL re engages the door to securely close as required for fire and smoke applications.

Then there are those swing doors that just simply have to be automated. ED100 & ED250 Swing Door Operators from DORMA provide you with as little or as much functionality required to achieve everything from the fully automated to access controlled entry/exit or simple smoke evacuation.

DORMA produce the Coastal Series leversets from cast 316 Stainless Steel. This is ideal for the healthcare environment because it can handle the ravages of use and cleaning. There’s no risk of nickel plate being scratched and lifting from the brass base metal and any wear will show as polishing rather than brass. On project lots Dorma can meet the market on price for this superior product.

Combining the DORMA range of hinges with the products above allows for a complete door control package and allows DORMA to engineer price efficiencies across the range. Overall, DORMA will save healthcare businesses money on reduced operating and maintenance costs over the life cycle of a building.

DORMA offers a full range of services to produce a complete and compliant specification documentation for a project using our extensive knowledge base in the following areas;

  • Architectural Hardware Specification and Scheduling

  • Automatic Sliding and Swing Door Operators

  • Openable Walls

  • Glass fittings

  • Service and Maintenance

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