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Dimond Durolite FireGuard Natural Lighting Sheeting

With the growing need for fire resistance for roofing materials in commercial and industrial buildings, Dimond is pleased to promote Durolite FireGuard (FG) sheeting — a translucent roofing sheet specifically designed for commercial and industrial buildings that require natural lighting as well as fire-retardant ability.

There are two levels of the Durolite FireGuard range: Durolite FG2 and Durolite FG3. Both of these have been tested to ISO 5660 and achieve a Group Number 2 for FG2 and Group Number 3 for FG 3 performance in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A. So in the unfortunate event a building catches fire, the roofing materials can slow down the spread of fire on the internal surfaces. This will not only give enough time to the people who are inside the building to escape, but also give firefighters access to the building and enough time to rescue people.

Dimond highly recommends commercial and industrial buildings such as offices and warehouses use Durolite FG roofing. It gives protection to people and assets under risky conditions.

An additional benefit of using the Durolite FG range is that it is manufactured from premium industrial fiberglass sheeting. This material has a high UV resistant gel coated surface which does not delaminate under harsh environmental conditions, providing the roof with the ability to eliminate 99% of harmful ultra violet rays. This allows building users to enjoy the natural light entering the building. Moreover, FG3 uses a bromine free formulation which better controls sheet discolouration over time.

With decades of testing and proven installations, Dimond offers a 25 year warranty. To ensure architects and engineers have more options while designing buildings, Durolite FG2 and Durolite FG3 are also available in a range of profiles, tints, and heat reducing options (HeatGuard).

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