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June 2012

Heat from the Floor Up with Devimat Heating Mats

This you can achieve by installing electric under-floor heating. The heat surrounding your feet slowly rises, warming your body and feeling comfortable at head height.

The Tile Warehouse is proud to offer an innovative under-floor heating system. Not reliant on the movement of air and the use of accurate electronic floor-sensing thermostats, Devi provides a comfortable and efficient heating system.

Because Devimat heating mats are fitted just below the floor surface, the heating system reacts quickly so you can achieve precisely the heating comfort required without wasting energy and money. As a member of the Danfoss group, Europe's leading manufacturer of intelligent electrical floor-heating systems. Devi heating cables are long-life with a guarantee, and apart from the relay in the thermostat, there are no movable parts such as pumps, valves or compressors, making the system maintenance-free.

A Devi floor-heating system is above all a heating system which offers the lowest possible energy loss. Thanks to optimal thermal positioning in the floor and precise temperature control with a Devireg thermostat, the average room temperature can be reduced by 1-2°C compared with traditional convection heating. This means the temperature can be reduced by around 20% - which is both an economic and an environmental advantage.

The Devireg electronic thermostat with floor sensor ensures precise control of your floor heating system. The floor will be nice and warm, and never too hot. The system is controlled by the Devilink control.

Devi is also a favourable option from the point of view of operating costs. The positioning of the source of heat under the floor and the very precise thermostatic control ensure an exceptionally high level of energy utilisation.

An electrical floor-heating system has lower installation costs compared with water or airborne heating systems, especially in smaller or energy-efficient houses. Electricity is always present so the power supply only needs to be metered, where other heating systems need their own supply (e.g. an oil or gas burner).

View more advantages of a Devi system.

Q & A

How does the system impact waterproofing?

The under-tile heating has no impact on waterproofing. If anything, it helps to keep the floor dry.

Do you apply the tile adhesive directly?

The heat mats can be screeded or tiled directly over. For larger areas, we recommend they are screeded first for ease of laying of the tiles.

What are the options for controlling the system?

Manual through to fully programmable, with the Devilink touch-screen control.


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