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April 2010

Nu-Wall's Specific Design for a Weathertight Future

Beyond this Nu-Wall frequently receive requests for assistance from specifiers wishing to incorporate Nu-Wall into projects which are outside the scope of the applicable Appraisals, therefore falling into the category of specific design.

Typical of such would be many projects in the Wellington region where the objective is to clad with a highly-durable, low-maintenance material, however excessive wind speeds require a building consent application to be supported by additional information regarding the suitability of the proposed cladding.

Increased wind pressure raises two issues; firstly the threat of cladding being pulled off the structure due to wind suction, and secondly the greater potential for moisture ingress due to wind-driven rain.

BRANZ's testing of Nu-Wall under simulated wind pressure conditions resulted in them producing a Structural Opinion that the cladding may be used up to a design wind pressure of 4.4kPa (ULS), subject to suitable engineering of the framing and support structure. Incorporating additional measures, such as a rigid air barrier behind the cladding, support the product's already excellent weathertightness.

Hence, support is available to Specifiers contemplating incorporation of Nu-Wall into projects requiring Specific Design.

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