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Introducing the New CS Fixed-Head Detail with CS SmartMount

CS Cavity Sliders commitment to innovation and quality is expected to set a new standard for sliding door technology. Architects, builders and homeowners will be eager to embrace this cutting-edge solution.

The CS SmartMount System offers an innnovative solution to cavity installation problems. Designed with ease of installation and hassle-free maintenance in mind, the CS SmartMount streamlines installation processes while making it easy to achieve a seamless, minimal clearance look. Thoughtfully engineered and built to last, CS Cavity Slider Track Systems are the smart choice when it comes to residential and commercial applications.

Here are some key features and benefits of choosing Fixed-Head detail with the CS SmartMount system:

  • Easy installation and removal: The CS SmartMount system simplifies the process of installing and removing doors from pockets. It utilises a magnet to draw the carriage into the correct position with a satisfying click. This makes the entire process quick and straightforward.
  • Minimal clearance requirement: One of the standout features of the SmartMount system is its ability to work with as little as 3mm of clearance above the door. This minimal clearance requirement is especially valuable in situations where space is limited.
  • Door can be height adjusted while installed: This innovative feature allows for effortless height adjustment even after installation, ensuring a perfect fit in any space.
  • Compatible with CS SofStop Single (soft close) or Twin (soft open & soft close): Designed to seamlessly integrate with the CS SofStop system, whether in its single-soft-close or twin-soft-open-and-soft-close configurations.
  • Compatible with M6 wheels (up to 120kg) per leaf or M8 wheels (up to 240kg): With compatibility for M6 wheels, accommodating weights of up to 120kg per leaf, or M8 wheels, accommodating up to 240kg, this offers flexibility for most situations.

Want to improve efficiencies in your installation and removal of doors?

When it comes to anything interior and sliding, CS For Doors have you covered. CS For Doors offer reliable, high-quality cavity slider door hardware that is made to stand the test of time. Reach out to CS For Doors today to connect with one of their cavity slider door experts and see how their hardware can elevate your next project.

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