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Making Surfaces Sustainable with Cosentino

With the construction industry responsible for 40% of carbon emissions worldwide, creating safe and sustainable architectural surfaces that keep our planet and our people healthy has long been one of Cosentino’s business objectives. It’s a philosophy that, combined with the beauty and strength of Cosentino’s products, puts the company at the forefront of the industry.

Through investments of almost $50 million in environmental assets and improvement costs, and a real commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Cosentino has achieved sustainability milestones with their most popular ranges of products, Dekton and Silestone.

The Dekton life cycle is carbon neutral, from the physical extraction of the materials to its long-lasting use and end-of-life. To achieve this, Dekton committed to a carbon offset by compensating its emissions through investing in GHG emission reduction projects certified by the UN. All manufacturing processes align with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

The advantages of Dekton go further, with its resistance properties helping it to last longer in interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial environments. The range’s mineral hardness scored 7/10 on the Mohs scale, and its abrasion, scratch and impact resistance make it enduring in places with high activity and foot traffic. Its water, stain and temperature resistance means it boasts low porosity and makes Dekton a non-combustible material with a 25-year warranty.

Cosentino’s commitment to sustainability continues with their Silestone collection. Made from HybriQ+ technology, Silestone addresses environmental impacts by containing a minimum of 20% recycled materials, and by being manufactured using 100% renewable electrical energy and 99% recycled water. The health impacts of Silestone are also deeply important to Cosentino and Q10, Q40, and Q50 products have less than 10%, 40% and 50% of crystalline silica, respectively. This furthers Cosentino’s commitment to creating a healthy environment for those working with Cosentino materials.

Silestone is highly resistant to stains and acids, scratches, and other impacts, and like Dekton, comes with a 25-year warranty. For more information, visit Cosentino.

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