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Introducing New STEICO Wood Fibre Insulation

Comfortech is focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. They want to be future-focused and ensure they strive towards their purpose of creating New Zealand's most comfortable living and working spaces. Comfortech delivers on their commitments to New Zealand through the way that they operate, their products, by caring for their people, community, and the environment.

Sustainable products and solutions are more important than ever, and as leaders and experts in building performance solutions, Comfortech recognise their role in this. As part of this commitment, they have introduced STEICO Wood Fibre insulation.

STEICOduodry is a continuous, vapour-permeable external insulation, which helps to protect against cold, heat, noise, and moisture. STEICO Wood Fibre further increases thermal and acoustic comfort while helping to manage external moisture. As part of a well-designed building envelope, with STEICO Wood Fibre the structure is protected from external temperature fluctuations and other changing environmental conditions, lengthening, and improving the performance of the building over its lifespan.

STEICO Wood Fibre is manufactured from renewable materials, and not only is it beneficial for our homes, but it is also environmentally friendly, providing “double climate protection” — capturing CO2 while also reducing CO2 emissions through the reduction of energy used in heating and cooling.

To assist Fletcher Living and other industry experts with creating the ‘LowCO’ home, a pilot home project that aims to meet a 1.5˚C future, Comfortech installed STEICO Wood Fibre insulation in conjunction with Pink Batts glass wool insulation. These two products created an energy efficient thermal envelope for the low carbon home — ensuring its occupants will be warmer, drier, and more comfortable, while saving significantly on heating and cooling costs, for many years to come.

To learn more about our STEICO product and the LowCo home, visit

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