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COLORSTEEL DRIDEX for Increased Roof Ventilation

With building designs becoming more airtight and living habits continuing to cause high levels of water vapour, moisture and mould within New Zealand homes continues to be a problem. In fact, BRANZ have previously reported that mould was visible in 49% of houses.

Ceiling cavities of skillion roofs have significantly lower volumes of air movement and are therefore particularly susceptible to damage from higher levels of moisture. When water vapour does enter the ceiling space it can quickly result in significant levels of humidity. Over a prolonged time, if more vapour enters than exits the ceiling space, excessive condensation and saturation of structural timber, insulation, and ceilings can occur.

One solution in helping to mitigate the risks of high moisture levels is to increase the amount of ventilation in the ceiling cavity. With a strong and continued focus on product innovation, COLORSTEEL offers a new design-led solution that delivers enhanced condensation management and ventilation — COLORSTEEL Dridex.

Dridex consists of a unique absorbent layer of fleece adhered to the reverse side of the COLORSTEEL sheet. The anti-condensation fleece negates the need for traditional underlay and helps to keep the roof dry by absorbing water. When roof temperatures rise, the condensation evaporates, escaping out the roof cavity into the exterior environment. By removing the need to lay separate underlay, Dridex increases the ventilation of the ceiling cavity, ultimately reducing moisture levels and helping in the fight against mould.

The innovative features of Dridex have seen it recognised as a Sensitive Choice product by the National Asthma Council, giving homeowners reassurance that they have the right product for a drier, healthier home.

Through mitigating mould growth and assisting in the reduction of other pollutants often associated with asthma, the value of Dridex can be quickly appreciated by the building’s occupants. At the same time, with no need to lay separate underlay, Dridex offers the installation team greater flexibility in working conditions and ultimately a quicker installation process.

Available in all standard colours in the COLORSTEEL range, and offered in two grades, Dridex provides a valued and innovative solution that helps reduce moisture and mould in Kiwi homes.

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