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The Continuous Innovation of COLORSTEEL

For over 35 years, COLORSTEEL has been a favoured supplier of roof and wall cladding for the New Zealand market. So much so, that over that 35 years, Colorsteel has become synonymous with long run roofing and is often used to describe any brand of pre-painted steel. However, not all roofs are created equal, genuine Colorsteel is only manufactured by New Zealand Steel. As New Zealand Steel’s leading brand, Colorsteel continuously looks to innovate, design and test.

To provide protection against the variable conditions found across New Zealand, Colorsteel has historically offered Colorsteel Endura and Colorsteel Maxx. Colorsteel Endura is the roofing and cladding choice many New Zealanders turn to across the country. Using an aluminium/zinc coating of 150g/m², it’s designed for both moderate inland conditions and severe coastal environments. When building in harsher environments, architects and homeowners often look to Colorsteel Maxx. Using an aluminium/zinc coating of 200g/m², Colorsteel Maxx is designed specifically for New Zealand’s more extreme conditions and will stand up to higher atmospheric salt concentrations.

For decades, Colorsteel has been protecting the places kiwis live, work and play across the country. After developments in both condensation management and paint technology, Colorsteel now offers two additional product add-ons — Colorsteel Dridex and Colorsteel Matte.

Colorsteel Dridex consists of an absorbent layer of fleece adhered to the underside of the Endura or Maxx sheet. When moisture enters the roof cavity, the unique fleece absorbs any accumulating condensation. As conditions improve, and temperatures rise, the condensation evaporates escaping out the roof cavity into the exterior environment. Removing the need for traditional underlay, Colorsteel Dridex allows for superior condensation management, enhanced ventilation and quicker building enclosure. With no need to lay separate underlay, installation teams can finish faster and work in a greater range of weather conditions.

Colorsteel Matte incorporates cutting-edge micro-wrinkle paint technology specifically designed to diffuse light. In comparison to high gloss, semi-gloss or even low gloss surfaces that reflect light in a specular manner, Colorsteel Matte diffuses light resulting in a unique finish that has greater depth of colour and texture. Colorsteel Matte is available in the strong rustic colour of FlaxPod, the smoky charcoal grey of TidalDrift and the deep white of SnowStone.

Regardless of location, there’s a Colorsteel solution that offers lasting protection, superior condensation management, and a striking aesthetic for any project.

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