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Hygienic Ceiling Tile Made in NZ Since 2006

NZBC clause G3 titled Food Preparation and Prevention of Contamination states the performance requirement for interior linings in G.3.3.2 Spaces for Food Preparation and utensil washing shall have:

  • (a) Interior linings and work surfaces shall be impervious and easily cleaned,
  • (b) All building elements constructed with materials which are free from hazardous substances which could cause contamination to the building contents

Impervious is defined as: That which does not allow the passage of moisture.

ClimateLine Eco Tile — Hygiene, is a bright white, semi-gloss Climate powder coat surface applied to a GIB plasterboard that is custom made to 1193mm width with a sag-resistant core.

The product has been tested to satisfy the requirements of being impervious and easily cleaned and more importantly has been in use since 2006 in New Zealand in commercial projects where a high level of hygiene is required or just preferred, such as commercial kitchens, cafés, food bars, butchers, gymnasiums, delis and supermarkets.

The ceiling tiles are made from non-hazardous materials, as certified by Global GreenTag. The unique feature is the Climate powder coat surface; powder coating is synonymous with durability on metal since the late 1960s. Today powder coating is becoming more known for having low toxicity and environmental footprint. The Climate powder coat surface used to create the ClimateLine Eco Tile contains no water or solvents and the coating application process uses no water, produces less than 5% coating waste and is cured using efficient infra-red energy to “bake” the coating to the plasterboard. Dutch powder coat resin manufacturer Royal DSM Resin conducted an LCA of ultra-low cure powder coatings vs water and solvent based coating alternatives, the result demonstrated low cure powder coatings have one of the lowest carbon footprints.

The full range of plasterboard ceiling tiles are made in New Zealand by Climate Surfaces from New Zealand made materials and are available exclusively nationwide from Forman Building Systems.

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