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Blum Offers Practical Handle-less Design Options at All Project Levels

Handle-less is here to stay. The clean lines and minimal designs that have become a mainstay at the premium end of the market can now be achieved across the full spectrum of cabinetry. Clients at all levels appreciate the practicality and beauty of a handle-less design.

Key to this trend is the development of matt panels such as ARtouch by Laminex and Acrymatte by Sage Doors. These incorporate anti-fingerprint technology that enables users to open drawers and cupboards by touch, without leaving a trail of smudges.

By complementing fingerprint-less cabinets with Blum handle-less technology, designers can ensure a functional and affordable solution. Blum enables designers to create lift systems, doors and pull-outs that fit any requirement and work within any space. With a choice of four motion technologies — SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION, TIP-ON and BLUMOTION — Blum offers electrical and mechanical solutions for a range of project levels.

This combination of fingerprint-less cabinetry and Blum handle-less technology also works well outside the kitchen. Laundry, bathroom and bedroom storage are increasingly being specified with the clean lines of handle-less design.

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