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Designing for Wellbeing in Indoor Environments

Recognising the impact of noise pollution and poor aesthetics on stress, productivity, and cognitive health, Autex Acoustics advocates for designing with wellbeing in mind from the outset. Key areas to tackle are reducing sound transmission between spaces and reverberation within spaces. This ensures acoustic comfort, facilitates effective communication and maintains privacy, which is crucial in sensitive environments where confidentiality is essential.

To foster a more comfortable acoustic environment, Autex Acoustics addresses ambient noise — often a byproduct from conversations, office equipment, or external sources — through strategic design and specialised materials, significantly improving the acoustic properties of the environment. Emphasising the importance of managing reverberation in focused and collaborative areas, Autex Acoustics utilises high NRC materials and acoustic solutions to reduce noise.

Autex Acoustics equally prioritises visual comfort as a cornerstone of creating harmonious and practical spaces that promote wellbeing. Leveraging biophilic design principles and natural colours is central to creating idyllic, productive spaces. Incorporating direct nature experiences or nature-evoking products alongside a palette of naturally inspired colours like Caspian, Highland, Terrace, and Canyon, Autex Acoustics helps to design spaces that promote serenity and enhance overall well-being. This approach ensures that each designed space reflects the earth's natural wonders and resonates deeply with the innate human connection to our natural environment, fostering a sense of calm and comfort.

By merging acoustic and visual comfort through innovative design strategies and materials, Autex Acoustics is setting a new standard for indoor spaces. Their work supports a holistic approach to protecting occupant well-being by creating spaces that are conducive to creativity and comfort.

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