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Autex Acoustic Blanket Controls Noise and Temperature at an Auckland Hot Spot

The overall goal was to not only improve the acoustic quality of the space but also to control the internal temperature that was proving difficult with an iron roof. Autex’s Acoustic Blanket (AAB) 35-50 in black was chosen for the job due to its aesthetic appeal and flexibility. AAB has a 100% polyester composition with a minimum of 45% recycled content and a Group 1-S fire rating making it compliant for areas without fire sprinkler systems. Pack & Co also recognised the importance of having a versatile and moveable product that would complement and work well with the curves of the ceiling making AAB the ideal choice.

Acoustics can have an impressionable effect on a bar's atmosphere so it's important to get it right. AAB 35-50 provides a NRC rating of 1.05 offering premium noise reduction; perfect for Libertine to accommodate excess noise and chatter by absorbing the echo and reverberation created.

Functionality was just as important as performance when it came to the building's tin roof. Pack & Co report that not only has the AAB kept the space warm in winter, but also cooler as we head into summer. The R1.36 rated AAB was friction fit and held in place by the timber battens – giving a subtle and stylish look to the batten designs.

Pack & Co use AAB in many other bars across Auckland and rate it as a top quality thermal, acoustic and aesthetically appealing product.

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