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Sustainable Design for Interiors with Organoid Natural Surfaces

Extensive research consistently underscores the profound link between human beings and the environment. Nurturing this connection with nature, regardless of age, contributes to improved wellbeing by promoting relaxation, resilience, creativity, and a surge of positive emotions.

Given the significant duration we inhabit enclosed spaces often surrounded within technologically driven conditions, biophilic design emerges as a vital link between the constructed environment and the natural world. Through the incorporation of features such as flora, daylight, and organic substances, biophilic design forges a deep-seated bond with nature.

Recently added to the range of product offerings from Austaron Surfaces, Organoid Natural Surfaces is a refinement of natural elements. With a pragmatic and environmentally-conscious approach to interior design, Organoid’s collection of surfaces is a symphony of elements that resound with the essence of sustainability.

Organoid Surfaces are made in Austria using organic materials that are responsibly sourced from farmers through direct trade and product upcycling. The organic materials used are not only featured within the unique visual appearance of Organoid Natural Surfaces, but also in backing surfaces which feature a mix of flax and FSC paper, illustrating Organoid's commitment to using natural renewable resources.

Organic materials such as real Alpine hay, colourful flowers, herbs and leaves are transformed into fragrant natural surfaces which retain the integrity of their original characteristics. These untreated natural fibres are preserved throughout the production process and evoke memories of immersive natural experiences through their look, feel, and scent.

Carefully selected backing materials coated with natural fibres ensure that the process and application is entirely carbon neutral from start to finish. In the intricate tapestry of sustainable design, Organoid's Natural Surfaces serve a dual role. They fuse ethical production and conscientious practices with design principles centred around the human experience, forging novel pathways in the realm of sustainability. This comprehensive approach addresses not only the planet's wellbeing but also the wellness of individuals.

The collection offers versatile applications with its different backing materials, serving as both wallpapers and decorative veneers. Additionally, the range includes options for flooring and acoustics. Organoid natural surfaces are ideal for a variety of indoor applications, such as interior walls, joinery, and furniture design. Designs within the collection are also suitable for privacy screening and lighting design, offering both opaque and translucent choices.

Austaron Surfaces has a reputation for offering innovative products which empower the building industry to explore new frontiers in design. Supporting a range of brands that seamlessly complement each other across project design, products by Austaron Surfaces strike a delicate balance between enduring aesthetic value and high-performance functional solutions.

Contact Austaron Surfaces to view the Organoid collection [email protected]

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