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Reducing Waste in Metal Roofing Construction

Architectural Metalformers employ strategies and technology such as nesting systems which can then be modified to ensure maximum coverage, alongside meticulous planning help reduce unnecessary waste. Additionally, they use recyclable materials such as aluminium, steel, copper and brass further diminishing environmental impact.

Efficient construction methods minimise errors and the need for rework, which often results in wasted materials. Every Architectural Metalformers product installed is made in-house or onsite by their team, reducing the need for extra cutting and waste associated with mass produced or oversupplied product.

Further waste minimisation has been achieved through their systems to store, collect and recycle on-site product, which is then transported to their workshop without adding to their carbon footprint. Material is repurposed, recycled or even re-sold to other industries which could then be turned into products such as art thus, not ending up in construction skip bins.

Through dedication to sustainable practices and innovative approaches, the team at Architectural Metalformers aim to set a precedent in the roofing industry, demonstrating that specifying Architectural Metalformers products can be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious on your projects.

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