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Unique Fenix Surfaces Utilise Innovative Nano-Technology

Fenix has been manufactured by Arpa Industriale in Italy since 2013. Fenix is created by undergoing a series of processes including multi-layer coating, and use of nanoparticles and acrylic resins that are hardened and cured using an innovative Electron Beam.

When viewed under a microscope, the surface of Fenix is uneven, a landscape of peaks and troughs. Rather than being reflected, the light is diffused making Fenix highly matt. Its high-performance surface means that spills, food or marks simply sit on top of the surface without soaking in, making Fenix hygienic, mould-resistant and waterproof. These hygienic properties make Fenix suitable for use on kitchen benchtops and in any other areas where a hygienic surface is important.

The Nano-Technological make up of Fenix also gives the material a unique feel that is warm or soft to the touch and creates a surface that is inviting to touch, without fear of leaving fingerprints as the surface is also anti-fingerprint.

Although Fenix is extremely durable and can withstand most knocks and scratches with day to day use, heat can be used to repair the surface should superficial micro-scratches occur. The dense grid of microscopic peaks on the surface have their own memory and are reactivated with the presence of heat, restoring the surface to its original appearance.

Fenix is suitable for a broad range of interior applications, both horizontal and vertical surfaces in a range of environments including kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture.

Fenix NTM is available in 12 matt colours, that have been carefully selected from the global colour palette to suit the design trends in New Zealand. Fenix NTA is available in three metal colours; including a gold, a silver and a stainless steel.

Fenix is available in a variety of sheet sizes:

  • Fenix NTM 0.9mm sheets are 3050 x 1300mm (standard) or 4200 x 1600mm (extra large)
  • Fenix NTM 1.2mm Colour Core are 4200 x 1600mm (full sheet) or 4200 x 200mm (strips)
  • Fenix NTA 0.7mm sheets are 3050 x 1300mm (standard) or 4200 x 1300mm (extra large)
  • Fenix NTA 1.2mm Colour Core are 4200 x 1300mm (full sheet) or 4200 x 200 (strips)

Other than the standard Fenix sheets listed above, Fenix is also available in either 12mm Solid Panels or Pressed Panels:

  • Fenix 12mm Solid Panels with double-sided matched Colour Core, a solid panel without the need for substrate or clashing. These panels are 4200 x 1600mm and are available in Nero Ingo (intense black), Grigio Antrim (cool, mid-grey), and Bianco Kos (crisp and universal white).
  • Fenix Pressed Panels available in the full stocked range of Fenix NTM and NTA colours, with a 3050 x 1220mm sheet size pressed onto 18mm MDF — resulting in an almost 20mm finished panel thickness. Available double-sided with Fenix pressed both sides, or single-sided with Fenix on the good face and a matching* Arpa HPL backer on the reverse. A range of edging options are also available including ABS colour matched edge tape for the Fenix NTM range.

*Note – the Arpa HPL backer is a similar colour but a different finish to Fenix.

The full range of Fenix NTM and NTA surfaces are on display at Home Ideas Auckland, in both vertical and horizontal applications.

For more information or an in-studio demonstration on Fenix NTM or NTA talk to APT (Architectural Products & Technologies) the New Zealand Distributor of Fenix.

View more information on APT, including contact details.
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