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Bringing Designs to Life: The Power of Bright and Lively Colours in Interior Design with FENIX NTM Bloom

In interior design, colour is pivotal in setting the mood, creating a harmonious ambience, and transforming a space into a vibrant haven. Among the diverse palette of colours available, bright and lively hues hold immense potential to breathe life into your interior design scheme.

With the introduction of FENIX NTM Bloom, incorporating these colours has become even more accessible and exciting while using a better product for the environment than traditional laminates or decorative finishes. So, how can the bright Bloom colours help bring your designs to life?

Choose an inspiring colour palette

When selecting colours for your interior design project, consider incorporating colours that tell a story. FENIX NTM Bloom offers a range of four vibrant and lively colours that can instantly transform your space. From bold Giallo Kashmir 0772 to electric Azzurro Naxos 0771, these hues can add a touch of modernity and energy to any room. You can create a cohesive and visually stunning design by incorporating the Bloom range into your colour palette.

Create a statement wall

Lively colours are ideal for creating a striking statement wall, instantly drawing attention, and adding depth to any space. Choose a bold shade of the Bloom range, such as Rosso Askja 0770 or Verde Brac 0773, and apply it to a single wall in a room. This technique will infuse the space with energy and liveliness and create a focal point that complements the overall design.

Embrace colourful furnishings and upholstery

To enhance the vibrancy of your interior design, incorporate colourful furnishings and upholstery using a FENIX surface. Consider using this versatile material to create vibrant cabinets, buffet tables, or sideboards. The range in FENIX NTM New Zealand colour selection allows you to mix and match hues, creating a visually captivating and lively atmosphere. The material's resistance to scratches and fingerprints ensures that your colourful furniture will maintain its beauty and durability over time.

Introduce playful accessories

Incorporate bold colours into smaller accessories to add pops of liveliness to your interior design. Use FENIX NTM Bloom to create colourful ornaments, tabletops, or shelving units. These playful accessories will inject energy and vibrancy into your space, allowing you to express your creativity and style.

Combine Bold Colours with Neutrals

While bright and lively colours take centre stage, balancing them with neutral tones is essential to create a visually cohesive design. FENIX offers a range of neutral shades, such as elegant whites and subtle greys, which perfectly complement the vibrant colours of the Bloom range. By incorporating neutral tones alongside their vibrant counterparts, you can achieve a harmonious and balanced interior design that brings your space to life.

Incorporating bright and lively colours can transform your interior design into a vibrant and captivating sanctuary. You can achieve this by carefully selecting an inspiring colour palette, utilising FENIX NTM Bloom for statement walls, colourful furnishings, and accessories, and combining colours in different room elements.

For more information on the FENIX NTM Bloom range, visit and talk to APT's friendly team.

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