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FENIX Nero Ingo Enhances the Elegance and Tradition of Juventus FC Headquarters

As the world-renowned Italian football club Juventus FC sought to create a dynamic and contemporary environment while embracing the authority of tradition, they turned to LEM Agenzia Architettura, a group of space travellers always looking for new explorations between architecture and design. With a clear vision in mind, the Juventus team wanted to find innovative design solutions that fit harmoniously and respectfully into the ancient architecture hosting them.

To achieve this defined yet delicate mission, the architects at LEM Agenzia Architettura turned to FENIX Nero Ingo, a material with chromatic depth that blended perfectly with the classic context of the building. The intense opacity of the surfaces made the environment warm and pleasant, even with the vigorous black-white contrast, creating an environment with visual and tactile comfort reminiscent of velvet.

FENIX was used in both horizontal and vertical applications, from the welcome desk to office tables and doors, the long table in the meeting room, the small tables in the break area, up to the wall panels with the big team logo.

According to the architects, FENIX helped welcome the Juventus team to the new location so that the change could be perceived as a natural and human transition. The material's versatility made it an excellent choice for all three sites, including the headquarters, training centre, and Hong Kong office, where it was used for doors, tables, kitchen countertops, display panels, and wall storage. Arpa decors 4603 Eucalipto Birmania and 4539 Olmo Mercurio in Alevé finish were also used for the storage walls of the Headquarter and the Training Center. These decors added a classic woody element, which was crucial in the study of innovative interiors to make people feel anchored to something warm and recognisable.

Respect for tradition is visible in all three sites in the team colours as well as the design angularity, which enhances the sense of strength and rigour. In the Training Center, FENIX highlights the balance between the discipline of forms and the material's ability to create hospitality through the design of the doors, tables, and kitchen in the common area. The same atmosphere was also recreated in the Hong Kong office by proposing a workspace with precise and enveloping lines, using FENIX for the round table in the meeting room, the worktops, and the display panels in the corridor. The Club's Italian soul was brought to the Orient through aesthetic and functional accuracy of contemporary design.

The interior design for the new Juventus FC headquarters is part of an important urban redevelopment that sees the birth of the J Village in the area next to the Juventus Stadium, inside the Continassa farmhouse, historical pre-existence bound by the Superintendency. The interior design reinterprets the workspace in terms of sustainability and innovation, in total respect of the tradition that characterises the company: the team's colours — black and white — are declined throughout refined nanotechnological materials, the walls become writable, sound-absorbing, and the natural elm humanises. Meeting rooms host formal and informal meetings, break areas are suitable for smart working.

By using FENIX Nero Ingo, LEM Agenzia Architettura has created an environment that seamlessly blends contemporary design with the traditional architecture of the former agricultural complex, creating an elegant and visually stunning workspace. With the Juventus team's values and traditions incorporated into every aspect of the design, the new headquarters is a testament to the power of design to create an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Visit FENIX for Interiors New Zealand website for more information.

Images courtesy of Juventus F.C.
Content credit to Arpa Industriale

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