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Learnings From the Most Innovative Interior Design Projects of the Last 10 Years

1. A White Kitchen: Far from Bland!

There's a myth floating around that a white kitchen spells boredom, but let's dispel that notion right here. To start, white isn't just white; Corian offers a captivating range of white hues. Moreover, you can craft a pristine and stylish white kitchen that carries a dash of creativity or draws inspiration from the homeowner's love for sailing. Excitement, innovation, and white can indeed go hand in hand.

2. Functionality: The North Star

No matter the project, the North Star to guide your way should always be functional. Aesthetics matter, sure, but if a space isn't comfortable or doesn't serve its intended purpose, it's a colossal flop.

3. Seamless Joins: The Beauty of Easy Cleaning

Our experience from numerous commercial ventures, be it in hospitality, aged care, healthcare, or other high-traffic settings, has taught us this: seamless joints mean less dirt and bacteria buildup. Cleaning and upkeep become a breeze. So, if hygiene and ease of maintenance top your priority list, Corian is a no-brainer.

4. Simple Elegance Wins Awards

After poring over 100 entries for the APT Innovation in Design Awards, we learned that award-winning projects need not appear complicated. Sometimes, what seems deceptively simple can actually be the most exceptional, with intricate design complexities that remain hidden beneath the surface.

5. Ancient Wisdom as Modern Inspiration

There is no need to reinvent the wheel; instead, make it spin gracefully in your project's direction. Design isn't just about creating something new; it's about adapting the timeless charm of ancient architecture. Draw inspiration from Indigenous, European, American, or local heritage, and discover the stories etched in ancient walls.

6. Crafting a Narrative with Materials

Design is storytelling, and architects and interior designers are the storytellers. Take, for instance, the award-winning Clifftops Orca by Sonya Cotter, where the kitchen countertop emerges like an orca in a sea of greys and earthy tones, mirroring the orcas in Waiheke's Harbour. Or consider Wanaka's Wieliczka by Hanna Withy, another tale waiting to be told.

7. Beauty Meets Sustainability

There's no rule that says a beautiful project can't be sustainable or that sustainability must break the bank. With smart material choices, you can create spaces that dazzle guests while achieving peak carbon efficiency. Opt for carbon-neutral materials like FENIX  for your cabinetry or countertops over heavier carbon options.

8. Material Choices and Project Timelines

Plan for logistics when selecting materials. Opt for materials available in New Zealand for quicker access and fewer shipment hiccups. If you're working on a high-rise project, ensure your chosen material can easily ascend to your desired floor.

9. Dream Big and Bold

Just because something hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can't be. Be daring, embrace creativity, and enjoy the design process. Our experience has shown that boldness and creativity pay off. Materials like Corian Solid Surface enable you to bring even your most audacious design dreams to life. So, dream big, because if you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Feeling inspired? Reach out to the APT team today for expert advice, design consultations, or to request samples of our Corian Solid Surface and FENIX materials. Let's turn your design dreams into reality together.

Get in touch with APT — they're here to help you create spaces that astound, perform flawlessly, and tell captivating stories. Contact APT now and let's bring your vision to life!

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