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Allco Zero Pitch Roofing System Paves Way for Green Roofs

The Allco Zero Pitch Roofing system brings together a number of products from a range of suppliers to make a complete protected membrane roof (PMR) system that has been determined to meet the NZBC by MBIE.

A protected membrane roof is a roof where thermal insulation and ballast is located above the waterproofing membrane. The main benefits of PMR roof design is that the covering protects the waterproofing membrane from thermal shock, ultraviolet light and mechanical damage, and the dew point is outside of the building.

Key features:

  • The Allco Zero Pitch roofing system can be configured in a number of ways including green roofs, paved roofs or decks and stone ballasted roofs. 
  • The system allows the designer the freedom to design their roof with falls of 1:80 or less
  • The system has a determination from MBIE stating that it complies with the NZBC
  • History of use of over 50 years across all over the world
  • No laps to fail
  • Substantial savings when no falls are required

System Components:

American Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM6125) is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing membrane for use in waterproofing. MM6125 is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers. MM6125 has been successfully used worldwide by leading architects, engineers and owners on all types of horizontal and vertical structures including plazas, parking decks, planters, tunnels, bridges, green roofs, mud slabs, foundation walls and roof areas.

DOW SLX Styrofoam insulation: SL-X extruded polystyrene (XPS) thermal insulation is specifically designed for installation above waterproofing membranes in protected membrane roof (PMR) assemblies. DOW SL-X XPS rigid insulation boards are not affected by the extreme conditions encountered on flat roofs, including wide fluctuation in operating temperature and repeated freeze / thaw cycles. SL-X XPS insulation retains its R-value for an extended period and has high compressive strength and superior moisture resistance, making DOW SL-X XPS the perfect solution wherever superior load bearing and high insulating capabilities are required.

Hannover Pedestals: When using pavers on a PMR roof or deck, a high quality pedestal is required to promote effective drainage. As a critical part of the deck assembly, the pedestals need to be both functional and long lasting. For this reason, Allco has chosen to partner with Hannover who has been supplying their pedestals to American Hydrotech for their own 'Ultimate assembly'. With a proven track record on some of the largest projects in the world, it was an obvious choice for Allco to use them in New Zealand.

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