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27 May 2024

The Importance of Selecting NZ Made

59 France St balcony PFP stopping

The core purpose of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is to prevent loss of life and property by containing or minimising the spread of fire. PFP essentially protects the building and its inhabitants through ‘Safety in Design’. The major benefit is that PFP is effective regardless of the actions taken by individuals or active safety systems.

High density projects have been found to encourage stronger community relationships and interactions. Designing and developing these projects with this as a central point will help establish and enhance local communities, reduce urban sprawl, support public transport and unlock much needed housing supply.

Selecting local manufacturers not only provides designers and installers with innovative NZ made products designed specifically for the local market and building code, but also further supports our local communities.

Allproof manufactures PFP products at its factory on Auckland’s North Shore employing over 130 staff. As a New Zealand product manufacturer Allproof is an environmentally conscious business.

Selecting NZ made products provides a level of assurance that suppliers who use offshore production are unable to fulfil. Additionally, the economic benefits are retained in New Zealand and fed back into local communities.

Allproof’s intumescent material is produced in-house, then cut and assembled into a range of products at the head office factory in Auckland. The cast-in fire collar range are moulded on site from 100% recycled materials using clean solar energy reducing the carbon footprint of innovative NZ made products.

All testing and assessments are conducted by independent accredited testing laboratories. Further to this, Allproof’s PFP range and literature has been BRANZ Appraised ensuring integrity and providing utmost assurance in selection, performance and installation.

Drawing upon experience as a plumbing and drainage manufacturer Allproof are perfectly positioned to design and develop new products specifically catering to the local NZ industry. When composite steel tray floors with undulating profiles were introduced to New Zealand, Allproof were able to respond to demand as the innovator of the drop in fire collar system. This provides an excellent example of how local manufacturers can respond to industry developments using Kiwi ingenuity combined with advanced production facilities.

Allproof distribute PFP products through a nationwide network of merchants which ensures accessibility to the products. Allproof’s technical team support and train installers through its national sales network, offering a range of solutions for PFP with specialist knowledge on its integration with other plumbing and drainage systems.

Selecting Allproof provides a premium PFP solution while supporting local NZ manufacturing.

View more information on Allproof Industries, including contact details.
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