Airtightness and Moisture Management

with Jon Davies

Pro Clima

Jon is a qualified teacher and Regional Manager for pro clima, focussed on technical and educational support for the design community. 

28 August 2017

Triple Connected Windows Part II

It is very important that all aspects of the window are taken into consideration; frame system, double glazing, window size and the connections between the window and the wall.

20 July 2017

Improving Thermal Performance with Triple Connected Windows

How to ensure standard thermally-broken windows are positioned to succeed.

22 June 2017

Enclosing Insulation in Skillion Roofs

Full insulation performance can be achieved even when the 25mm air gap is eliminated.

18 May 2017

Airtightness: Friend or Foe?

It's time to realise that lack of ventilation, not airtightness, is the new enemy.

24 March 2017

What's the Use of Blower Door Testing?

How can we judge a building's performance when all testing methods have limitations?

24 February 2017

Windows and the Fingerprint of Continuous Layers

The performance of windows can be greatly improved by ensuring insulation, weathertightness and airtightness layers connect.

23 November 2016

The Building Envelope 1.3: Controlling the Movement of Moisture

Controlling moisture within the building structure can help protect the homeowners' investment while offering improvements to energy-efficiency, comfort and health.

19 October 2016

The Building Envelope 1.2: Thermally Insulated Buildings

As vapour diffusion takes place both in winter and summer, a solution that can predictably prevent moisture accumulation within the structure through all seasons is required.

26 September 2016

The Building Envelope: Protection for the Living Environment 

Understanding insulation, warmth and moisture transport is key to building durable and healthy homes.

21 July 2016

Airtightness Under Pressure on The Block NZ

The challenge of creating airtightness for the high-speed, high-pressure renovations on TV3's The Block was given to us by Context Architects Ltd.

19 April 2016

Building with an Internal Service Cavity

An internal service cavity solves the common problem of sub-trades pulling out insulation to make space for their work and offers several benefits which outweigh the initial cost of material and labour.

21 March 2016

Moisture Management and Comfort

Successfully managing moisture should not have to come at the expense of comfort.

15 February 2016

Compatibility and Adhesion of Wet Seals and Sill Tapes

To help deal with the issue of sealants not bonding to substrates, pro clima will be offering a foil tape for window and door openings. 

18 January 2016

Moisture Management for Building Design

The complex issues of air movement, internal moisture and insulation in New Zealand houses.

18 November 2015

Airtightness and Energy Conservation

An airtight building envelope helps prevent hot air from escaping and can significantly reduce the costs of heating a building.

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