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24 November 2017

Revised Scope for C/VM2 Framework for Fire Safety Design

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On Friday MBIE released an important announcement regarding the scope for Building Code Verification Method C/VM2 Framework for Fire Safety Design. This is an outcome of their industry consultation carried out mid 2017. 

Here is the update:

On 24 November 2017 MBIE amended the scope for Building Code Verification Method C/VM2 Framework for Fire Safety Design.

Consultation on the revised scope for C/VM2 took place from May to July 2017 as part of a package of proposed changes to the documents that provide a means of compliance with the Protection from Fire Building Code clauses.

C/VM2 is a way of demonstrating that a building design meets the fire provisions of the Building Code.

No changes to the Building Code requirements have been introduced by the revised scope. By amending the scope, building consent authorities (BCAs) and designers have greater clarity of demonstrated performance requirements when designs for some types of buildings are submitted for building consent approval. This reduces the risk of designs having to be re-worked.

A transition period for implementing this scope change is not considered necessary as the changes clarify its intended and appropriate use.

The previous scope meant C/VM2 applied to all buildings except tunnels and open air stadia. The revised scope means C/VM2 applies to all buildings except those that:  

  • require configuration of the evacuation procedures in order to meet the fire provisions of the Building Code (such as tall buildings where evacuation is delayed or sequenced), or
  • require managed evacuation schemes (such as international airport terminals or buildings containing patient care facilities at hospitals), or
  • the nature of the fire that could occur in the building is not reasonably defined within the given rules and parameters.

The change to C/VM2 scope aligns with the consultation proposal and takes into consideration sector feedback received from the consultation process.

Fire safety design for buildings that are outside of C/VM2 can be performed using the Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) process along with the use of appropriate parts of C/VM2, which can be considered by the BCA as an alternative solution.

If you have a design underway that you are concerned about, please contact your BCA in the first instance to discuss what, if any, additional information you may need to provide.

Further detailed changes to C/VM2, which were consulted on from May to July 2017, are still being considered by MBIE and will involve further consultation on technical changes. This current scope amendment is considered a priority change within MBIE’s wider fire safety programme. 

Read Verification Method C/VM2 [PDF 1.0 MB]

Information on MBIE’s Fire Safety Proposals consultation is available on the MBIE Corporate website

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