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Vitris Soft Close Sliding Door

The VITRIS 120 sets new standards for sliding doors with a cushioned comfort stop, and all mechanics being concealed within the track.

The glass doors slow gently and quietly, regardless of weight and speed of closure, and over a distance of several centimetres.

A slim square cover profile and either a flush pull or double pull handle, complete the detail of finish and function.

Key Features

• Easy to install

• Comfort Stop - prevents door from banging, eliminates the associated noise and vibration

• Removes risk of trapped fingers

• Modular construction means it can be adapted to customer requirements

• 10 year Warranty

Scope of Use

• Manufactured from anodised natural aluminium and stainless steel

• Ceiling or wall-fixed installation or to a glass overlite

• Supplied as single or double doors

• Can be adjusted sideways and in height at any time with only a few actions

• Suits 8mm, 10mm and 12mm toughened safety glass and 8.8mm, 10.8mm and 12.8mm toughened laminated safety glass

• Easy installation and no glass cutout required

• Sets include Comfort Stop cushioning and self-closing mechanisms, in line with your requirements: 1 per door for cushioning one end/2 per door for cushioning both ends

• We can supply high-quality finger pull handles or double pull handles

Statement of Building Code Compliance

This proprietary sliding door system complies with New Zealand Building Code Clauses;

 B1 - Structure

 B2 - Durability

 F2 - Hazardous Building Materials

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