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VFloat Standard Tones

Glass is produced with brilliant flat surfaces providing clarity, low distortion and high daylight transmission. VFloat is manufactured either clear or toned (grey, bronze and green). VFloat provides ease of cutting and it is ideal for further processing into a range of products available for general glazing, laminating, toughening, high performance coating, mirrors and decorative paint finishes.

Viridian VFloat Clear provides high light transmission and visibility. It is ideal for conventional and double glazed windows. When safety is required for doors and partitions, it is specified in toughened, laminated, or toughened laminate forms complying with the requirements of Building Codes and Standards.

VFloat toned glass provides colour and energy management by reducing solar heat gain, while retaining good daylight transmission and low reflectivity. It also provides reductions in UV. VFloat toned is available in grey, bronze and green. It can be toughened, laminated or used as a toughened laminate. Similarly it can be incorporated into Viridian ThermoTech (insulating glass units) for enhanced solar and thermal performance. The tone and light transmission will vary depending on the thickness selected and this is a design consideration where colour uniformity is required.

VFloat toned glass is designed to improve conditions by reducing glare and solar radiation into buildings. The glass absorbs a proportion of the solar heat, which can lead to glass fracture from thermal stress if adequate precautions are not taken. It is important to note that the edges of solar control glass are not damaged during installation as this increases the risk of thermal fracture.

At an early stage of building design or when specifications are being finalised, Viridian can determine the risk of thermal fracture and recommend if heat strengthening or toughening of the glass is required.

The maximum sizes in this glass guide are manufacturing sizes and are in excess of the safe glazing sizes set out in Standards. VFloat may also need to be supplied in toughened, laminated, or toughened laminate form as required by Standards.


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