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Spyder Canopies

A Euroglass SPYDER glass canopy is the most common and architectural pleasing canopy system on the market.

They provide a vast area of protection from weather for pedestrians and people who flow in, out and around commercial buildings.

Key Features
  • Euroglass SPYDERS can take Viridian's toughened SENTRYGLAS laminated safety glass
  • The glass can be Digi Printed to many different designs or patterns
  • Frosted glass is availbale with large range of different transparencies levels
Scope of Use
  • SPYDER Canopies are project specific. Site specific engineering and design must be undertaken.
  • There are many design loads and safety precautions that have to be considered within the design.
  • Usually a steel support structure is required and the steel must be fabricated in a manner to allow for the weight and spans of the glass.

SPYDER Canopies can be designed to be fixed to;

  • Steel Structures
  • Structural Timber Frames (Specific engineering and design must be undertaken)

SPYDER Canopies are designed and engineered to take;

  • Viridian toughened safety glass 
  • Viridian toughened SENTRYGLAS laminated safety glass
Limitations on Use

SENTRYGLAS must be used if the Canopy is 5m or greater from the finished floor level.

SENTRYGLAS is a toughened laminated glass that has a rigid interlayer. The SENTRYGLAS interlayer provides added safety, in the unlikely event of both the toughened glass panes breaking; the SENTRYGLAS interlayer will hold the toughened glass fragments together stopping them from falling to the floor or over people that may be under the glass.


Statement of Building Code Compliance
  • Site specific design and engineering is required for this type of canopy
  • PS1 is available upon request

This proprietary canopy system needs to comply with New Zealand Building Code Clauses;

  • B1 - Structure
  • B2 - Durability
  • F2 - Hazardous Building Materials 
Glass Canopy with Euroglass Spyders
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