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PerformaTech 206 (Low E)

PerformaTech 206 is a solar control glass, that can only be used in a double-glazed unit. It can be used for residential or commercial buildings alike, either for traditional windows or doors,  facades or overhead glazing. It is suited for applications that require good solar control whilst maintaining high light transmission and clarity. 

PerformaTech balances the advantages of a high performance and very neutral solar control product with:

  • high light transmission 68% gives a high degree of neutrality both in  transmission and exterior reflection
  • a very low SHGC-value, which reduces solar gain by as much as 0.33 compared to standard thermally insulating glass
  • an excellent U-value of 1.2 W/m (CEN conditions) 1.4 W/m (NFRC conditions)

PerformaTech can be used to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning, whilst at the same time noticeable reducing heat loss.

Key Features
  • Relax in year-round comfort — PerformaTech offers superior thermal insulation and a range of solar control levels, keeping a space at an ideal temperature
  • Create beautiful designs — PerformaTech offers a high level of design flexibility because of the high ratio of daylight to radiant heat
  • Versatility — PerformaTech can be combined with other Viridian products in a double glazed unit to deliver multiple benefits including additional privacy, security, noise and other benefits
Scope of Use
  • Facade
  • Windows
  • Overhead glazing
  • Curtain wall
Limitations on Use
  • Size limits: from 3300x2140 to 4500x2700

Subject to glass type and material thickness

Other Performance Attributes
PerformaTech 206
  Visible Light % Solar Energy%
Transmittance 68 29
Outdoor Reflectance 13 39
Indoor Reflectance 15
PerformaTech 206
U Value 1.2
SC 0.38
SHGC 0.33
Selectivity 2.06
Reflective Colour Clear
Performance Data

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