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Euroanchors: Pool Fence & Wind Break

A Euroanchor Pool Fence is a very popular cantilevered frameless glass pool fence system.

Key Features
  • The glass is face fixed and spaced 25mm off the building or deck; this creates a cavity for water to run off the floor surface to egress away from the pool or spa enclosure
  • Available in many shapes and sizes — round, square and rectangular
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel. Aluminium anchors available upon request
Scope of Use
  • Rated to be used up to a Very High wind zone (1.76Kpa or less)

Euroanchors are designed to be used as:

  • Internal and External Pool Fences

Euroanchors can be attached to the following substrates

  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Weather boards 


Limitations on Use
  • Must be designed and installed in accordance with technical data sheets
Statement of Building Code Compliance

The minimum height for a fence to prevent access into a pool area is 1.2m from the finished floor level. Please refer to NZS8500:2006 for design and safety requirements to meet the building code.

This proprietary pool fence system complies with New Zealand Building Code Clauses:

  • B1: Structure and B1/VM1
  • B2: Durability
  • E2: External Moisture
  • F2: Hazardous Building Materials

 Euroanchors comply with the New Zealand building code and glazing standards used in conjunction with the following Viridian Glass types and Euroglass systems:

  • Viridian's toughened safety glass — SENTRYGLAS incorporated with a Euroglass System

Based on 330N point load from NZS8500:2006, maximum heights for the glass and Euroanchor spacings are provided within the Technical Data Sheets.

Viridian safety glass options are:

  • 12mm toughened safety glass
  • 13.52mm toughened SENTRYGLAS laminated safety glass (SENTRYGLAS is a stiff interlayer that complies with 22.4.3 (c) of NZS4223.3:2016)

In the unlikely event of glass failure or to make allowance for the consequence of failure required by clause B1.3.4 of the Building Code B1, Viridian's toughened SENTRYGLASlaminated safety glass is recommended to be used.

Other Performance Attributes
  • Euroanchors are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel
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CAD/PDF Details
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