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Anzio for Commercial Occupancy Types C1,C2,D

ANZIO is the latest innovation on frameless glass barrier design.

Euroglass offers three interlinking rail systems:

  • 1) Squareline
  • 2) Roundline
  • 3) Archline
Key Features
  • No need for scaffolding. ANZIO is easily installed from the deck without the need for ladders or scaffolding
  • Quick to install and easy to adjust. Fastest floor mounted system we have designed to date
  • Architecturally designed with square edges. The square shaped profile allows for flooring to be easily butted up against ANZIO for a tidy seamless look
Scope of Use
  • Rated to be used up to a Extra High wind zone (2.13Kpa or less)
  • Powder coat colours to match the colour scheme

ANZIO is designed to be used as;

  • Balustrades for External Decks and Stairwells
  • Balustrades for Internal Decks, Stairwell, Landings and Mezzanine Floors

ANZIO can be attached to the following substrates;

  • Concrete
  • Steel

Based on barrier loads taken from AS/NZS1170.0 ANZIO can be used for Commercial Occupancy Types:

  • C1 & C2 — Areas with tables or fixed seating
    Areas with fixed seating adjacent to a balustrade, restaurant, bars etc
  • D — Retails areas
    All retail areas including public areas of bank/building societies, (see C5 for areas where over crowding may occur)

Taken from table 3.3 AS/NZS1170.1

Limitations on Use

Maximum glass height from the finished floor level is 1120mm using Viridian's safety glass options according to 22.4.3 and Table 14 of NZS4223.3:2016 are:

  • 15mm toughened safety glass with interlinking rail
  • 17.52mm toughened SENTRYGLAS laminated safety glass with interlinking rail
    (SENTRYGLAS is a stiff interlayer that complies with 22.4.3 (c) of NZS4223.3:2016)
Statement of Building Code Compliance

This proprietary balustrade system complies with New Zealand Building Code Clauses:

  • B1 — Structure and B1/VM1
  • B2 — Durability
  • D1 — Access routes (complies with the use of a handrail in accordance with NZBC D1/AS1)
  • F2 — Hazardous Building Materials
  • F4 — Safety from Falling

ANZIO complies with the New Zealand building code and glazing standards used in conjunction with the following Viridian Glass types and Euroglass systems:

  • Safe: Viridian's toughened safety glass and Euroglass interlinking rail system
  • Safest: Viridian's toughened SENTRYGLAS laminated safety glass and Euroglass interlinking rail system
Other Performance Attributes

ANZIO is Anotec powder coated with a 10 year warranty

Balustrade - Anzio commercial balustrade C1,C2, D 12-5-17
Occupancy Table AS/NZS 1170
Selection of Side Mounted Interlinking Rails to NZS 4223.3

2016 version 7

Selection of Top-Capped Interlinking Rails to NZS 4223.3

2016 version 3

Euroglass - Request for balustrade PS1 v6
Maintenance: Euroglass Glass Aftercare
Maintenance: Euroglass Stainless Steel
Maintenance: Powder Coated Surfaces
Euroglass Handrail Range 2017
Modern Living With Glass
CAD/PDF Details
Anzio for specifier

Viridian Glass is a provider of residential and commercial glazing solutions and balustrades in New Zealand.

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