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FAVEMANC Ventilated Facade

FAVEMANC Ventilated Facade systems are comprised of natural clay terracotta tiles and an aluminium subframe. Extruded ceramic panels are fixed by one of two specified stainless steel (or carbon steel) clip systems to aluminium subframes attached to the supporting structure.

The specified clip systems are:

  • XB PRO17 — high mechanical performance despite its light weight. The reduction of metal elements results on savings and improves the performance
  • XD22 — the heaviest system allowing for large formats with the highest mechanical performance
Key Features
  • Low maintenance, easy cleaning
  • Suitable for renovations
  • Wide range of formats and finishes
  • Energy efficient
  • Improved acoustic performance
  • Non-combustible 
  • Sustainable material
Scope of Use
  • Exterior use for cladding or as sunshades
  • Interior use for fitting acoustic panels
  • Suitable for use in:
    • Any wind zone up to and including Extra High
    • Exposure zones B, C, and D
    • All seismic zones
Limitations on Use

FAVEMANC ventilated facades must be installed by experienced facade installers and to the specifications outlined in the Manufacturers Specifications, Producer Statement and Shop Drawings (Shop Drawings provided by FAVEMANC post order confirmation). Tileworks will work with NZ based facade engineers to obtain/provide PS1 and PS4 documents, ensuring compliance with the NZBC.

The suitability of the stainless steel (or carbon steel) clips and aluminium subframes must be verified before use in industrial or geothermal microclimates, or exposure zone E.

The attachment of the aluminium subframes to the supporting structure is subject to specific design.

NZS 3604 Corrosion Zone D suitable
Corrosion Exposure Zone D
NZS 3604 Earthquake Zone Very High suitable
Very High Earthquake Zone
NZS 3604 Wind Zone Extra High suitable
Extra High Wind Zone
Statement of Building Code Compliance

FAVEMANC meets or contributes to meeting the following clauses of the NZBC:

  • B1 Structure: B1.3.1; B1.3.2; B1.3.3 a, f, h; B1.3.4;
  • B2 Durability: B2.3.1b
  • C Fire Safety: C3.5; C3.7 (Non combustible materials)
  • E2 External Moisture: E2.3.2
  • F2 Hazardous Building Materials: F2.3.1
  • H1 Energy Efficiency: H1.3.1
Other Performance Attributes

The FAVEMANC ventilated facade system optimises and reduces energy consumption by eliminating most thermal bridges, reaching, in specific situations, energy savings over 30%.

Data Sheet
Product Technical Statement
Installation and Operation

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