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Commpak Plus Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

Available in indoor or outdoor installation models, Rheem Commpak Plus is engineered and pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Suitable for large applications, Commpak Plus starts with systems greater than six Commercial Continuous Flow units. In-line or back-to-back arrangements are available to meet plant room size.

Key Features
  • Engineered to meet customer requirements
  • Dual pumps provide back up and redundancy
  • Staged system operation
  • Suitable for large applications
  • High efficiency continuous flow
  • BMS/BAS controller interface

Available in the following model configurations:

  • Commpak Plus CPI07 | Indoor Installation | 7 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPE07 | Outdoor Installation | 7 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI08 | Indoor Installation | 8 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPE08 | Outdoor Installation | 8 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI09 | Indoor Installation | 9 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPE09 | Outdoor Installation | 9 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI10 | Indoor Installation | 10 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPE10 | Outdoor Installation | 10 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI11 | Indoor Installation | 11 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI12 | Indoor Installation | 12 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI14 | Indoor Installation | 14 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI16 | Indoor Installation | 16 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI18 | Indoor Installation | 18 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI20 | Indoor Installation | 20 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI22 | Indoor Installation | 22 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI24 | Indoor Installation | 24 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI26 | Indoor Installation | 26 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI28 | Indoor Installation | 28 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI30 | Indoor Installation | 30 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI32 | Indoor Installation | 32 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI34 | Indoor Installation | 34 CFWH Units
  • Commpak Plus CPI36 | Indoor Installation | 36 CFWH Units
Scope of Use
  • Available in packages from 7 up to 12 continuous flow units
  • Suitable for larger hot water demands such as high-rise apartments, hospitals and office complexes
  • In-line installation for 7-12 Commercial Continuous Flow units
  • Back-to-back installation for 7-36 Commercial Continuous Flow units


Limitations on Use
  • Choose correct model to suit either indoor or outdoor installation
  • Gas, water and power are required to operate a Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater
  • Indoor models must be installed using a certified Rheem Flue System. Always check with local authorities that the installation complies with all regulations applicable in your area.
  • Not suited for pool heating


Other Performance Attributes
  • Non-Domestic Warranty: Parts (Parts/Labour): 1 year
Installation Instructions & Owner's Guide (13-20)
Installation Instructions & Owner's Guide (7-12)
Commercial and Industrial Hot Water Solutions Brochure
Additional Information

Rheem provides reliable, efficient water heating and now also the latest in Solar PV heating.

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