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Valsir Tropea S

Tropea S is a unique in-wall cistern made of high-quality sound-proofing plastic material. The perceived noise of the cistern is up to five times lower than other widely used cisterns on the market.

Available in 90mm fully framed, or as cistern only, with pneumatic or mechanical flush options.


90mm Fully-Framed Mechanical Cistern:

  • 6/3 litres flush, 3 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858201)
  • 4.5/3 litres flush, 4 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858202)

Mechanical Cistern Only:

  • 6/3 litres flush, 3 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858005)
  • 4.5/3 litres flush, 4 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858006)

90mm Fully-Framed Pneumatic Cistern:

  • 6/3 litres flush, 3 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858251)
  • 4.5/3 litres flush, 4 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858252)

Pneumatic Cistern Only:

  • 6/3 litres flush, 3 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858055)
  • 4.5/3 litres flush, 4 star WELS (Product Code: VS0858056)
Key Features
  • Silence without compromise: the material of the container is designed to ensure high absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Limescale resistant: the different plastic materials of the flush and float valve avoid the formation of limescale.
  • Easy installation: the cistern is supplied 100% pre-assembled to improve installation speed and simplicity on the site.
  • Compatible with all pan types: patented by Valsir, the flush valve guarantees the cleaning of all Duravit pan types — including Rimless pans.
  • Flush Regulation Compliant: flush regulation with Tropea S is extremely easy and can be set at 6/3 or 4.5/3 litres full in accordance to water saving philosophy and green building requirements.
WELS 3 Star Rating
WELS 3 Star Rating
WELS 4 Star Rating
WELS 4 Star Rating
Scope of Use

The Valsir Tropea S is ideal for use in apartments or shared walls where concerns over noise transmission might otherwise make an in-wall cistern undesirable.

  • Wall-mounted toilets
  • Floor-mounted (with concealed cistern) toilets
  • 90mm fully framed, or cistern only options, pneumatic or mechanical flush
  • Cistern is supplied 100% pre-assembled
  • Compatible with all pan types, variety of flush push-plates available
Other Performance Attributes

The experience gained by Valsir in the Triplus®, Silere® and PP3 soundproof waste systems allowed us to reach levels of excellence also in our flush systems. To the numerous advantages of Tropea S we also added silence.

Tropea S is in fact the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material.

Inside the Valsir Research and Development laboratories a special plastic compound was designed using a formula (exclusive to Valsir) with the aim of reducing the noise emissions from the flush cistern.

Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is 5 times lower as compared to the most widely-used cisterns on the market.

Data Sheets
Brochure: Valsir Tropea S

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