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Installation of Large Format Porcelain Tiles for Interior Floors and Walls

Ultralite S2 adhesive is specifically formulated tile adhesive for installing large format porcelain tiles with and without mesh-backing for interior applications on internal floors and walls. It is a one-component, high-performance, highly- deformable lightweight cementitious adhesive with an extended open time, which allows for the perfect bonding of the large format porcelain tiles to the substrate. Ultralite S2

Ultralite S2 can also be used for the installation of large format porcelain tiles with or without mesh-backing in wet areas such as bathrooms when used in conjunction with Mapei liquid applied waterproofing membranes, such as Mapelastic Aqua-Defence and Mapelastic Smart. When grouting with either Ultracolor Plus or Kerapoxy Grout the final installation will provide a durable and aesthetically superior end result for many years.

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  • Eco Prim Grip primer for impervious surfaces
  • Mapelastic AquaDefense one-component waterproofing membrane
  • Mapegum WPS on-component waterproofing membrane
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Key Features
  • Lightweight, high performance and highly-deformable, polymer modified adhesive
  • Easy to trowel with an extended open time to allow a perfect bond to the substrate
  • Can be used to install large format porcelain tiles over existing tiles reducing the on-site substrate preparation cost of projects
  • Can be used on concrete, plasterboard, plywood and existing tiled substrates with the use of the correct primer
  • Used in conjunction with Ultracolor Plus or Kerapoxy Grouts and Mapesil Silicone sealants — available in a large range of colours to enhance the final performance and aesthetics of the installation
Scope of Use
  • Ultralite S2 adhesive is specifically formulated tile adhesive for installing large format porcelain tiles with and without mesh-backing
  • Internal floors and walls over concrete, plasterboard, plywood and existing tiles substrates with the use of the correct primer
  • Ultralite S2 can also be used in wet areas over selected Mapei under-tile, liquid applied waterproofing membranes
Limitations on Use
  • Products should not be used were the ambient temperatures are less than 10°C or higher than 35°C
  • Products should be used by professional trained installers in conjunction with information provided in the Ultralite S2 Technical Datasheet
In-Service History

Ultralite S2 has been used in thousands of projects around the world.

Other Performance Attributes

BRANZ Appraisal 484 [2018]

  • Mapegum WPS;
  • Mapelastic;
  • Mapelastic Smart;
  • Mapelastic Turbo; and
  • Mapelastic Aquadefense Wet Area Membranes

Environmental Certifications:

  • Ultralite S2 Environmental Product Declaration 
  • Ultralite S2 GEV Certificate 


  • 10 year product warranty 
  • 15 year product warranty for liquid applied waterproofing membranes


Technical Manual: Large Format Thin Porcelain Tiles
Data Sheet: Ultralite S2
Related Data Sheets
BRANZ Appraisal 484: Mapegum & Mapelastic Wet Area Membranes

484 [2018]

Environmental Product Declaration: Ultralite S2


GEV Emissions Certification: Ultralite S2
Brochure: Ultralite

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