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IBS PlyFloor

IBS PlyFloor has been designed for use as a flooring substrate as well as an ideal substrate under roofing or decking rubber membranes.


  • 18mm 2400 x 1200 untreated
  • 18mm 2400 x 1200 CCA H3.2 treated
  • 19mm 2400 x 1200 untreated
  • 19mm 2400 x 1200 CCA H3.2 treated
  • 21mm 2400 x 1200 untreated
  • 21mm 2400 x 1200 CCA H3.2 treated
Key Features
  • A plastic tongue and groove down the length of the board makes for easy joining of the product over joists and means that no support is needed on these joins unless otherwise specified by the engineer where roof diaphragm bracing or significant point loading is a consideration such as in commercial applications.
  • IBS Flooring shall always be laid perpendicular to the joists to ensure the maximum strength of the product is maintained.
  • IBS Roofing Ply has a plastic tongue and groove down the long edge of the sheet to allow for easy joining of the product over roof trusses. This means no blocking is required under the long edge joints saving time and money, and also helps reduce squeaking.
Scope of Use

IBS PlyFloor is a flooring substrate. It is also an ideal substrate under roofing or decking rubber membranes.


Residential or commercial flooring, flooring in wet areas, such as bathrooms toilets or kitchens, for use under rubber membranes to provide the best substrate, decks, roofing, wall linings, general industrial applications, and flooring for mezzanine floors.

Limitations on Use

It is important to note that when using AraucoPly Flooring that has been treated you must seal any cut edges with a brush on remedial treatment. A product such Metalex Green End Seal end seal is ideal for this purpose.

Statement of Building Code Compliance

Certified to AS/NZS 2269 to a strength grade of F11 gives you the assurance of the structural integrity along with the knowledge that this is a product designed for use in New Zealand.

B1 Structure compliant
B2 Durability compliant
F2 Hazardous Building Materials compliant
Hazardous Building Materials
Producer Statement

Since 1993, IBS has been working with the top building products producers from around the world to bring New Zealand a panel product range to help Kiwis build better.

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